NEWS: Amazing New Nürburgring Film: 24 Hours

Car film and Nürburgring film fans, take note... 24 Hours is coming. The feature film by Nick & Tim Hahne, produced by Stereoscreen tells the story of the BMW team facing its big target: winning the 24 Hours on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife, one of the biggest racing events in the world, and our favourite race on the planet. The setting of the competition is the longest and most beautiful but nevertheless most dangerous racetrack, aka the "Green Hell." If you have not been, picture more than 200,000 fans putting up their tents/camps/BBQ's/fires deep in the Eifel-woods to celebrate their heroes lapping the hardest circuit in the world, day and night, in more than 200 cars. Lap per lap, hour per hour... it's thrilling, and the movie captures the atmosphere amazingly. It also covers all the preparation and testing, setting-up and nerves in advance of the big race – following a BMW M3 GT. And real Ring race stars also get a good look in – as three-times World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx appears (on his fishing boat in the Channel Islands!), they make some delicious pasta with Dirk Adorf while he chats about the race and you get to jump in the pool of Monaco´s harbour with Jörg Müller. It's an absorbing film with authentic dialogues, great filming and, as it is the nature of a race, an open ending to everyone involved, including Tim & Nick Hahne, the creators of the film.
The film will be screened during the 40th edition of the 24 Hours Nürburgring. May 16th 20:30h and May 18th 22:30h. See more at:


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