No more BMW M5 Ring taxi?

The bad news just keeps on coming from the Green Hell, most sadly – as now it seems the infamous BMW M5 "Ring Taxi,"so often driven by Road buddy & Ring queen, Sabine Schmitz, is no more (at least for 2011). Our friends at have posted today saying: "An email released by the company who ran the Ring Taxi (OK Speed Marketing) confirms they're not running it this year." Priced at just 189 Euros per M5 load (up to three), it's one of the most thrilling and best value Nordschleife experiences (especially in Sabine's talented hands), and, if it is gone... this unique experience will be badly missed. The place just won't be the same without Sabine drifting that big Bimmer past Porsches. Dear-oh-dear, what is happening at the world's greatest circuit? Have your say below... UPDATE (09.03.11): The Ring Taxi WILL continue this year, sadly, without the BMW M5 V10 or Sabine Schmitz, so mixed news there!


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